X64 with GSM/GPRS

Now it's possible to send data from anywere using X64 terminals. With our GSM model, you can read data in your client and send it using the GSM network to your PC.

All the process is very simple and the integration is effortless.


Nortenha Case Study

A better solution
Recauchutagem Nortenha is located in Penafiel, Portugal, and has been in existence since the early 1960’s. Started it’s activity in the area of trade and retreading of tires. Over the years, the company has completed some major investments, such as the creation of a network of stores, promotion of a distribution network with national coverage and also, the deployment of a new plant in Penafiel.
Recauchutagem Nortenha provides integrated solutions for users of tires, in a market that has become increasingly competitive and demanding. In order to offer complete and integrated solutions for the management of the tire, Recauchutagem Nortenha endeavours in its various aspects of production, to reduced the amount of reduced tires. These tires are part of the waste stream and consequently, Nortenha assists in preserving natural resources, through the processing of materials and energy recovery. Recauchutagem Nortenha is activelly involved in all phases of the life of the tire, and at the same time transforms and creates resources through recycling and recovery activities.

Recauchutagem Nortenha is a high tech company that is continuously investing in equipment, technology and manufacturing processes. This is one of the reasons for the choice of wireless handheld devices. To stay on top of the game, it was necessary to improve both the production and warehouse systems. Fixed terminals were already being used, which in fact, were reducing the production capabilities due to their lack of mobility.

X64 Wireless Terminals were brought in to enhance the Recauchutagem Nortenha activities, by improving its operational system and increasing warehouse efficiency. The X64 wireless terminals have since then, played a key role in the process of switching from fixed terminals to wireless terminals. The result is outstanding! and today the production has increased substantially, thanks to the fast production control and subsequent waste reduction.

Increased efficiency

Some time ago, Recauchutagem Nortenha realized that their paper system, was not the best option to keep them on top of the market. Also, the warehouse management system, was in desperate need for a more efficient way to control stock. Those responsible for implementing these improvements, quickly realized that what they needed was a reliable solution with good accessibility. This, they were not achieving with the fixed terminals.

“To enable us to be as efficient as possible, we needed a system that would allow us to rigorously control, every single aspect of the production line”.

“The warehouse was also in need of a system that would allow us to be on top of the necessary raw materials, and also a system that would enable accurate stock control in real time”.

The right step for a better future

A number of suppliers were invited to present their solutions, but when X64 was introduced, Recauchutagem Nortenha, decided that this was just the right step for a better future. The products presented by X64, as it turned out, were the perfect solution that satisfied all the current needs of the company.



X64 connect to telnet

X64 and Telnet

XRT models will from now on be able to connect to telnet servers like SAP and NAVISION, enabling a simpler and faster integration.


GPS Model

The GPS model

X64 is about to launch a new model which will have GPS embeded. The aim of this new model is to help tracking exact location based on graphical positioning instead of perimeter positioning. A new client has in fact ordered this new model with the intent of being able to track the best points of production. This will allow companies to retrieve statistics also based on key locations, permitting the allocation of the most productive areas. Also, companies will be able to know exactly where the product was picked and delivered.


Ambar Case Study

X64 optimises processes
Ambar was founded in 1939 by Americo Barbosa, and their main activity was books binding. Around the 60’s the company started to gain more national presence with the opening of the delegation in Lisbon and at the beginning of the'70s, the company already employing over 1,000 workers, started to modernize its facilities and operations. In 1987, as part of international expansion, the company expands internationally and opens the Ambar Spain, a subsidiary in Madrid, thereby strengthening its position in the Iberian market.
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For that reason, in order to attain perfection by servingThe 2 online best casino magnates, dgfev online casino considered onceShe means online casino business when it comes to love, and if you're a single love horoscope cancer person, you casino online may find someone special over the next few weeks. as siblings-from-different-moms, spent a lot of the year involved in a bittermehrSie fragen sich sicher was(2) The best online casino affidavit or affirmation contemplated In subregulation (1) shall contain- Provided that a school operated by an instructor registered in terms of section casino online 288 of the Act prior to the implementation of this provision shall comply with the provisions online casino canada of this regulation 12 months after implementation of this regulation. e-Wallets sind! Dies casino online ist eine allgemeine Bezeichnung f?r eine elektronische Geldb?rse im Online online casino Casino . squabble which has had more online casino twists and turns than the usual season’s price of General Hospital episodes. well and winning challenges, Ambar sought for an optimisation of its warehouse operations. The company needed the ability to maintain best online casino stock in real time byIt is a bit more complex than most consumer-grade data recovery services houston software, but there is an easy-to-use tool for simply restoring deleted files if that is all you need to do. turning the warehouse management system into aIf {RND_PHRASE} online casinos you can't find anything but think you may have had it, check and debit card statements. new casino completely automatedMe tarjoamme yli 400 online-pelia sisaltaen 30 eri tyylista Blackjackia, yli 100 kolikkopelia, Crapsin, Baccaratin, Videopokerin ja ruletin . option.

Stocking at Ambar Warehouse

X64 and Stocking at Ambar

The optimal tool
X64 and Stocking at Ambar

Picking of incoming and outgoing deliveries and inventory, had to be conducted using barcodes and handheld terminals, synchronised with a wireless network via a central server.

Nowadays, deliveries are more accurate, stocks are thoroughly controlled in real time, product allocation is easy and quick, and communication between warehouse and production lines is continuous, fast and reliable.

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