• Firmware updater
    This is a setup file of a small application which updates your firmware based on the latest version currently available. It is easy to use and the process is quite fast. You will need to be online in order to update your drivers using this setup file. If you experience any problems, please contact us through our contact page.
  • X64 Smart Menu
    This setup allows tou to configure and upload all the plu codes to the X64 Smart menu. You only need to use this program if your software doesn't allow to configure directly the Smart menu.
  • RioCom.dll
    This is the only one windows component you need to connect a program with X64 terminals. Just put this DLL into your windows/system32 directory.
This is a very small application aimed at testing your terminals. Just click the link, download the file, unzip it, and run the setup.



X64 software support

When you open your X64 product's package, you should find in it a CD containing all the necessary software to install and run your X64 product. If for some reason your CD got damaged or lost, you can download it's contents from here.

# Go to the software support


Technical Manuals

If you are looking for something more technical, please follow the link bellow.