In these tabs you will find an organised list of downloads by industry type. You will also find some relevant documentation you may need and some other links to some not so organised and quite complex junk of almost anything that you may never need. In case you have any problems finding whatever you are looking for, please feel free to contact us through our contact page.


Downloads for Catering

Downloads For Catering

This section contains some very important downloads for use in the catering industry.The firmware setup and its manual are also   included within the section for software houses, along with some Visual Basic examples, configuration manuals and material for   the emulator.




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Downloads for Inventories, Sales and Security

Downloads for Sales, Inventories and Security

This section contains some very important downloads for the XRT602 model and a lot more. It has a section tab with a huge amount  of software for data collection, Visual Basic samples, and other important downloads such as the Program Generator and configuration software for the laser scanner.




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Downloads for Production/Manufacturing

Downloads for X64 in Production

This section contains software to connect the XRT603 and a lot more. Here you can find software for connecting to telnet servers, to AS400, the devkit application for configuring access points, Visual Basic samples, and a lot more.




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X64 software 

When you open your X64 product's package, you should find in it a CD containing all the necessary software to install and run your X64 product. If for some reason your CD got damaged or lost, you can download it's contents from here.

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The technical stuff

If you couldn't find what you were looking for, please try the technical material section.

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