Serial cable to connect an XRT70x terminal to a  PC.


Serial Port DB9 Female to RJ11 Male

    DB9-pin       RJ11-pin     Assignment
        1                      DCD (Data Carrier Detect)
2 6 RX (Receive Data)
3 1 TX (Transmit Data)
4 DTR (Data Terminal Ready)
5 5 GND (Signal Ground)
6 DSR (Data Set Ready)
7 4 RTS (Request To Send)
8 CTS (Clear To Send)
9 RI (Ring Indicator)



To create an extension, you should use a Male and female DB9 connector and solder each corresponding pin to the cable.


If you only have USB ports in your computer, you should use a Serial Port Adapter.

(UC232A is a USB to serial port converter. It provides PCs, notebook PCs and handheld computing devices using USB an external PnP RS232 port).