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The terminal comes with a catering program by default.

To configure that program you should follow these steps: Press 96195 in order to enter the technical menu.


In this menu you can:

  1. Change the command number (password 67145)
  2. Change the licensing number (password 264264)
  3. Change configuration A (Enter to visualize the options)
    1. LCD light on?
    2. Receiving messages from the pc?
    3. Asks for number of people at the table?
    4. Doesn’t reset menus (0 to reset the default menus)?
    5. Ask payment type? i.e.: 1-Cash 2-Visa
    6. Ask type of bill? i.e.: 1-Print 2-Don’t Print
    7. Ask cancellation type? i.e.: 1-With Waste 2-Without Waste
    8. The cancellation is total or asks which articles to cancel
  4. Change configuration B (Enter to visualize the options)
    1. Number of access points
    2. Do not lock keypad
    3. The orders list comes always from the pc instead of start empty
    4. The quantity when not filled is 0 and not 1
    5. The pc is notified whenever a terminal is turned on
    6. Ask the place at the table
    1. When asking the bill asks the place?
    2. Big size font type
    3. 8 digits on the table with barcode reading
    4. 8 digits on the place with barcode reading
    5. Allows the non limitation of articles per order
    6. Automatically checks if the value in payment type and bill type match the values on the description i.e.: 1-Cash 2-Visa à only accepts 0, 1 or 2
  5. Puts the terminal in upload PLUs mode. This option can be manual or automatic if the program gives an order to the terminal via radio.


Antenna Configuration for Catering

Just in very exceptional situations you will need to change the confirmation of the antenna.

The antenna connects to the pc through a serial cable. The range is of approximately 150 m in open wide areas. The ideal location to place an antenna is at a distance of 3-50 meters from the pc. Distances inferior to 3 meters may enable interference with the pc, damaging the range.