The X64 antenna connects to the PC via a serial cable. The range is about 150m in open field. The ideal place to put an antenna is at a distance of 3 to 50 meters from the PC. Less than 3 meters may create interference with the pc or even damage the range.

To set up an antenna you should give it a name. This name should then be configured in all terminals. To change the name of an antenna you should use the devkit. You can download it here.

On the devkit you should configure the serial port correctly.
Then in the option -> configurations -> basic configuration, you must give a name to the base. The name must be XXX00 (where XXX can be anything).
Lets use BAS00 for this example.
All terminals must be have the WorkBase set with the same name.

You can also configure the radio module to be used, the speed of communication via radio, and depending on the module, you may also configure the radio channel.

A repeater is an antenna. The difference is in the configuration.

Attention: The catering repeaters should always have a name (basename) like RES01, RES02 and so on up to RES09.
To configure a repeater, you must use the devkit. The difference is that the name of the repeater can not end at 00. If it ends in 00 it is an antenna and the date will be sent the serial port instead.

When setting a repeater, you should indicate the repeater's name and the name of the device where it should send the signal.
For instance, a repeater may be named BAS04 and transmit to BAS00.

In this situation you must make sure that the distance between the BAS04 and BAS00 is small enough to ensure good communication. If in this location the terminal works well with the antenna BAS00 then you can put here a reapeter.

For the terminal to be able to look for a repeater, you should set it as follows:
Operating System in the terminal:

  • Find Base Yes
  • Work Base BAS00
  • In Bases 5 (4 repeaters + 1 base)

All terminals working on this site should have the configuration shown above.