The Devkit is a windows program that meets the environment for development for terminals like ours. With Devkit you can write and compile programs written in C language and send them to the terminals.
All Programs for X64 terminals were written with the Devkit. The program of terminal XRTN, XRML etc. are examples.

All the functions of the X64 C RioC.hlp are documented in the file that accompanies the devkit.

The compiler of C is a file that is available for download along with the operating system (

The program to be sent must be compiled. It may happen that we may not have the source of the program but simply the already compiled program. This happens for example with the program XRML, which is ready for download as a consolidated version.

It is composed of a .bin and .hea files. To send an already compiled version, the editor's option should be turned off Edit-Configurations-Editor Enable. Then the .bin file should be opened.

To send a program to the X64 terminal you can use one of the following methods:

Raw RS232 Upload:
To send by serial cable you must use a special base with a serial plug. This method is rarely used.

Raw Wireless Upload:
You should do a reset using a clip to press the small reset hole on the right hand side above key number 3. Then you should press the Del key.
On the screen you should then receive a message asking for a password. You should press 6169 and then the following should come on the screen:
You should choose the option 8. The terminal should make a beep.
At this point you should have the antenna connected to the PC via a serial cable. The serial port settings must be correct.
Then you can send the program using the devkit. As the progress bar on the PC is evolving the terminal will beep. This routine has no correction of errors. The advantage is the possibility of sending a program to several terminals at the same time. The disadvantage is that it may be necessary to send several times the same program.
If the terminal does not leave the option 2 you must press the key 'Del' and then do a Reset.

Wireless Upload
This option allows you to send the program to fix errors. You can only use this option if you have already a program running. The terminal can not be empty. The program XRT100 does not count.
To receive a program you have to go to the Operating System. To do that, you should press Shift + Del. The password is 1111.

Then you must check whether the name of the antenna is correct. You can check this within "Work Base".
The base antenna's name must correspond to the one connected to the pc. You can check this in Antennas and Repeaters.
Then you should put the terminal in reception mode just like in the image below.
In this situation, on the PC, you should press the button 'Wireless Upload'. The progress bar should start moving.
In the end you should choose to save in RAM or in the Eeprom.

In any of the options the program should be saved in eeprom so you won't lose it later. The program should go to the RAM if you're doing experiences.

To save the program in eeprom you may at any time go to the Operating System (Shift Del) 1111.
Once you get to this option you should press enter. The terminal should take a few seconds and then it should end with a bip.