Tutorial on how to create a .NET application for use with X64 Wireless terminals.

First install the XRT603 setup. You have probably already done that.

Assuming you already have .net installed, install "Microsoft mobile internet toolkit".

Next don't forget to check if you already have the IIS installed.

We must check the configurations of the IIS.

Edit MIME type and check if (.wml text/vnd.wap.wml) is present. If it is not present add it as in the picture below.

Now let's start. Open VB.net and create a new "Mobile Web Application" project.

Create a new form

Design it...

If you put in the text of the button "|AUTOENTER" the cursor will not stop in the button. This is very useful in situations like this one.

Just press F5 to check if the application is running OK!

Copy the project address...

And paste it inside the config.ini <WML_START_ADDRESS> tag.
Inside the file c:\x64\config.ini

Now start the wml server, press enter on the terminal and you should see your first .Net Application running on the terminal.

Advanced configurations
If you want to use X64 flags in the text input...
First in file c:\x64\config.ini put "NO" inside the tag <WML_USE_DEFAULT_FLAGS>

In the title property of the input box insert the flags you want separeted by "|".

Protected Don't allow to change the input text
AutoExit Exit input at the end
Password Password input
Number Only numbers
Barcode Turn Barcode ON
NotUnderlined Don't underline the input field
NumberRightAligned Input right aligned
ForceFunctionKeys Show Function keys during the input
NoFunctionKeys Don't show function keys during the input
Don't allow input from the keyboard
Turn Rfid ON