In the main menu, choose Settings-9
On the request for password type 6195

Configurating the menu settings:

1. The number of the terminal.

The password that allows you to change the number is 67145. In the same installation each terminal must have a distinct number.

2. The number of licensing.

The password is 264264. Each installation must have a distinct number.

3-9 The value of each setting operation is the sum of the weight of the active bits of their options.

The value can be entered numerically or, just by pressing Enter, we gain access to the list of options. These can be enabled or disabled with the cursor keys left or/and right.

+1 Lighting on the LCD on?
+2 Receive messages from the PC?
+4 number of people at the table or number of the place on the table?
+8 Turn this option off to restore original menus
+16 Asks for the type of payment?
1-Cash 2-Visa 3-ATM
+32 Asks if the bill is being printed?
1-Printing 2-Not printing
+64 Asks the type of cancelation?
1-with waste 2-without waste
+128 The cancellation is complete or asks which articles to cancel?

+ n Number of repeating antennas
+8 When in sleep mode, do not block keyboard
+16 The list of orders comes always from the PC rather than an empty start
+32 The default quantity is 0 (not 1)
+64 The PC receives a notification when a terminal is connected
+128 Ask place number on the table

+1 When asking for the bill, it also asks the place on the table?
+2 Font letter big size (lines 4 and not 8)
+4 8 digits on the table, with a barcode reading
+8 8 digits in the place, with barcode reading 
+16 Allows for antennas with new software (September 2002)
to have no limit on the number of articles within an order
+32 Automatically checks if the value written in payment type and account type corresponds to the values of the descriptive text Ex: 1-money 2-targets -> only accepts 0, 1 or 2


Delete the tree of descriptives and complements PLUS (PC or other terminal)

Receiving the tree of descriptive plus and complements

Send-tree Plus and the additional complements