Emulator's Downloads

This Zip file contains backup firmware for the terminals and also for the antenna, contains also an example of a connection for catering in foxpro, and also a connection for catering in VB6. In addition, it contains the terminal's and antenna's emulators.

This Zip file contains a whole bunch of other Zip files all with material refering to XRML.


This Zip file contains the setup for the ProgramGenerator application.



Connections for Catering

This link will take you to the manuals section where the documentation refering to connections is located. You should then go on Software Houses (tab) and click on configurations (slider).

Connections configuration



Here you will find a small tutorial explaining briefly how to creat a DotNet application for use with our X64 terminals.

DotNet tutorial

DotNet video



This link will take you to a detailed explanation on XRML, it's functions, and a lot more.

XRML - Terminal Program


Program Generator

This link takes you to the detailed Program Generator Manual.

Program Generator Manual


Other Technical Material

Go to the technical material