For use in the development of online applications:

1. Run the emulation of the antenna BASE.EXE and wait for the boot process to end and the LED become yellow. This indicates that the antenna is ready to be used by the program.

2. Run the main application. The DLL will activate the antenna and the LED turns to green, indicating that it is kasyna polska ready to receive radio communications.

3. Run a terminal emulation les machines a sous en france TERMINAL.EXE and use it as a real terminal. The keyboard of the terminal can be operated with the live casino mouse or the PC. To reset, press the reset button online casino bonus codes of the terminal, located on the right and above the key number 3 (your right hand side).

For use with applications offline, run the terminal's emulation and click on the base so that the terminal is placed on top of it and the serial port is activated. Use it as a real terminal.