1 - Antenna Installation

The antenna must be installed in high point at a minimum distance of 25cm from metal objects and at least 2m from the PC to prevent interference. From the moment it is fed, it takes about 15 seconds to boot, only after this period the software communicates with the terminals. The software on the PC does not boot until the antenna is functional. If the antenna is not responding, terminate the program on the PC, disconnect the power of the antenna, wait 5 seconds and re-connect, wait 15 seconds for startup and start the program on the PC.

2 - Charge Battery

The terminal's battery must be charged before the first time use and subsquently on a daily basis for a period of approximately 8 hours.
When you put the terminals charging, check the light to make sure that the terminal is actually being charged. To avoid oxidation  the contact pins have a coating of gold. Never scrape it with metal objects. If necessary clean them with a dry cloth.
The terminals have automated charge limit control which avoids the over-loading damage of the batteries. Nonetheless, to prevent premature wear of the batteries, avoid keeping the terminals in the charger for extended periods.

3 - Main Menu
With the keys and move the cursor and make the choice by pressing .
Alternatively click directly on the corresponding number key.
To make a list of orders, choose option 1, type the number of the table, press and then follow the instructions in paragraph 4.

4 - LCD Contrast / Brightness
With the keys and and while the key pressed, you can adjust online gambling casinos the contrast of the LCD. To turn on the light, you should press + .

5 - Keyboard locked
To lock or unlock the keypad you must use the + . If the battery is very weak it won't slots online unlock the keypad. It is therefore necessary to put it on charge.

5 - Introduction of Articles by Code Number
Enter the article's code and press . Make sure it is what you want.
Type the value of the quantity (if different from 1) and press .
Repeat it for all the articles.
You can also enter decimal quantities by using '.' .

6 - Choose by Family

If you do not know the code of an article use the key to activate the choice for families.
With the keys and choose a online pokies no download family and press .
If a list of sub-families is again displayed, pick up one.

When the corresponding block of items to the slot machines online chosen family displays, move to the next paragraph.

7 - Choice of Article

This option gets active by searching a family or by pressing the key.
A block of items is displayed and it may or not fit in the 8 rows of the screen.
The keys and move the cursor one position or, if you keep the button pressed, go up and down a page.
The keys and take you to the block of items before and after.
When the cursor on the desired article, please press .
You may also use the + 'number' to jump to Articles 100, 200, 300 400 ...

8 - Review, Changes

To review the list of requests move the cursor with the keys and .
To increase or decrease the quantity, use the and keys.
To change an item, type again the numerical code or a choice made by family or by article.

9 - Send

After verifying that the list is correct, send by using the key or by using the cursor on the last line and pressing .