The software support is divided into 6 folders relating to our XRT601 to XRT704 models.

Below you find each folder and its contents.












XRT601 / XRT701

This Zip file is composed by an installation file containing the upgradeHardwarex64 file, which is the firmware upgrader.

Firmware updater installation manual

XRT602 / XRT702

This Zip file contains 4 folders. One folder contains the setup for the Datacollector (windows old) and Datacollector2, a folder with various setups based on commun applications currently being used by some of our clients, a folder with the setup for the Program Generator and the X64 Inventory setup (Portuguese).

Program Generator first time users manual

XRT603 / XRT703

This Zip file contains a folder with various applications that may be useful for XRT603 users, and contains also the XRT603 installation file and a small application called telnet.exe which enables communication between X64 terminals and telnet servers.

Manual for connecting to telnet servers

XRT603 Installation Manual

XRT604 / XRT704

This Zip file is divided into tow folders containing two setup files. One is for security patrolling and the other one for maintenance assistance.