If you wish to use your X64 model along with other applications run based on a telnet server, you will need to install the software which will make it possible to connect to telnet servers. You can find the link on our website at www.x64.com following the path Support > Downloads > Manufacturing as shown in the image below.

Then you should click on the link that says "Software for connecting to telnet servers" as shown below.

You will then be prompted with a dialog box giving your the choice of "open with" or "save file". You should save the file on your hard drive on a known location so that you can easily find it.

Once you have saved the files, please extract them into a folder so that you may have access to its content.

You will find a single file named telnet.exe. You should run this file and choose the location where you would like to install it.

Then you should accept the terms that you will use the program at your own risk and select the option "I have read this, understand it, and agree to it" and click again on the red arrow to proceed.

You then have successfully installed the software to run your X64 terminal with a telnet server.


Watch/download the instructional video