Go to our website www.x64.com and on the main menu follow the path:

support > downloads > downloads for catering

Click on "Downloads" which will take you to a page providing you with three options. You should click on the link "Downloads for Catering" which has the following image.


Then click on the first link "firmware updater" and save the zip file (by default it should go to your downloads folder unless otherwise stated.

Once you located your file, you should open it and find the following files inside:

You extract the files to a new folder and click on the "setup.exe" file en ligne casino in order to run it (you may not be ruletti able to see the extension of the file because you may have the option for hiding known extensions ticked within your settings. If this is the case, all you should see is "setup", and that is the file you should run.)

Then you should have the following online pokies play window on your screen:

Close all running applications and then click the "ok" button. The installation will then start. The screen below is what you should now see on your monitor. Make sure casino con bonus the"Directory" is the one you want (by default it is c:\Program Files\UpgradeHardwareX64\).

Then click on the station icon as follows.

Now you should see the screen below. "UpgradeHardwareX64" should be highighted and then you should click on the "Continue" button in order to proceed.

If the setup was successfull you should now see the follwoing message:

If unsucessfull, please restart the whole process again. If you encounter any problems, please contact us through our contact page on our website.