1. Using the PC's software, set the PLUs descriptives and complements just like on the following example:
100 Coffee
101 Barley
102 Tea
103 Weak coffee
104 Weak lemon tea
105                                                     <-- Empty descriptives end each page
500 COMPLEMENTS                       <-- Following pages as complements pages
510 Short
511 Full
515 With Cream
516 Cold cup
530 With egg
531 Without chilly
532 Very spicy
598 COMPLEMENTS END                 <-- Assigns the end of COMPLEMENTS
2. Send the PLUs (and complements) descriptives from the pc to the command
3. On the command configure the complements of the PLU "Coffee" just like on the following example:
a) Start an order
b) Chose the article "Coffee"
c) Leave the quantity as 1 and press enter so that the online casino cursor goes on the following line
c) Press SHIFT and in simultaneous F3 to define the complements of the Coffee  (KeyThats the casino online period, usually in the last quarter of the year, when workers with buy-detox.com can change coverage options without having to prove their health status. function "PLU*")
d) if you want the command to ask automatically the complements of the coffee, choose 2. Choose
1 if you want it to be done online casino manually.
e) Choose the page that contains "Short" and online casino "Full" by pressing the keys with arrows [Right Arrow] and [Left Arrow]
f) Press Enter
g) Press 1 to define the complements as unique
(either Short or Full)
h) Choose the page that contains "With Cream" and "Cold Cup" by pressing the keys with the arrows [right arrow]
and [left arrow]
i) Press Enter
j) Press 2 to define the complements as multiples
(can be "With Cream" or "Cold Cup")
k) Press [Esc] to end and cancel the order
4. Configure articles with similar complements to "coffee":
l) Start an order
m) Choose article "Barley"
n) Press SHIFT and in simultaneous F4 to define the complements referring to "Barley"  (function key "PLU=")
(just like the coffee)
o) Choose the article "Coffee" and press enter
p) Cancel the order
Send these configurations along with the descriptives PLUs and complements
of this command to the others:
a) Put all the other commands in "Receiving PLUs"
Keys 9 6195 [down] [down] [down] [down] [down] [down] [enter]
b) Put the command you have just configured in "Send Plus+Cp"
Keys 9 6195 [down] [down] [down] [down] [down] [down] [down] [enter]
c) Wait until all commands finish receiving
d) Finish with [Shift] + [Esc]
The commands ask automatically for the complements pre-defined as automatic.
to insert complements in manual mode, press F3 (function key "COM?")
after inserting the PLU and quantity.