Example: configuring the barcode referring to a bottle of water of 1/2 lt
a) Start the order
b) Choose a bottle of water of 1/2 lt
c) Leave the quantity as 1 and press enter so that the cursor goes to the next line
d) Press SHIFT and in simultaneous F2 in order to read the barcode
e) Point the reader to the bottle's sticker so that it reads the barcode
f) Press [Esc] to end and cancel the order


To configure from the PC, put the articles description under 1 to 1500. On the positions 1501 - 3000 insert the barcodes corresponding to the same articles.
Note: in case the terminal is being used to read barcodes,  the number of articles it can be used for is 1500, due to the fact the the positions above are already filled.